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Companionship day is commended on the principal sunday of August consistently. You may wish to celebrate and convey huge amounts of fellowship sms/companionship instant messages to your closest companions and old overlooked companions.
Here we have assembled a decent gathering of companionship sms messages in english, hindi and urdu, that you can rate, pick and send to your companions.


U konw waht is rael frndship


Exmpl:just c tihs msg


Evry splleing of tihs msg is wrnog


But sitll yuo can raed it withuot ayn mitsak tis is firdensihp


A Good companion 
Knows all your best stories. 
A closest companion has lived them with you. 
‚ Best Friends SMS ‚ 
24 sweet hours make 1 sweet day! 
7 sweet days make 1 sweet week! 
4 sweet weeks make 1 sweet month! 
Be that as it may, 1 sweet companion like “U” 
Make my entire life sweet. 
Yield is more noteworthy than affection, 
Character is more prominent than magnificence, 
Mankind is more noteworthy than riches, 
Be that as it may, nothing is more noteworthy than companionship. 
:: Heart Touching Friendship SMS :: 
Companion n solutions assume d sme part in our lives, 
Both deal with us in agony 
Be that as it may, d just diff. is dat frndship doesnt hav an expiry date… 
Companionship SMS Between a 100000 yesterdays and a 100000 tomorrows, There is just a single today and I would not let this go without saying thx 4 being such a beautiful frnd… 
Hmari Dosti Ki Umr Hmsy Zyda Hogi, 
Tmhari Hr Awaz Hamaray Lye Wada Hogi, 
Tum bhi Sun L0o Kaan Khol Kay, 
Jisne Dosti Pehlay Todhi, 
Uski Pitai B Sub Sy Zyda hogi 
Dosti is something that no1 can despise, 
Dosti is an enthusiasm we can never rate; 
Dosti can happen at whatever time early or late, 
Dosti is just Medicine, without Expiry date 
watch over each other 
see each other, But 
Genuine FRIENDS 
Stay until the end of time… 
past separation, 
past time….! 4 closest companions 
V grin at whom V Like, 
V weep for whom V mind, 
V giggle with whom we appreciate, 
also, V get to be distinctly irate with whom we feel is our own… 
That is Friendship… 
That is Love… 
Kinship implies understanding not assention. 
It implies absolution not overlooking. 
I implies the recollections last regardless of the possibility that contact is lost. 
Titanic is not a major ship, huge ship is our ship that is kinship 
Dear closest companion, 
I genuinely don’t realize what I would manage without you! 
F: Free from all conventions 
R: Right to state anything 
I: Ideal friend 
E: Either great or terrible 
N: No sad forget about it 
D: Dear to dearest one 
Life can give us various delightful companions; 
Just True Friends can give us a Beautiful Life. 
Closest Friends 
will turn out, 
indeed, even on stormy days, 
in the event that we require protect. 
Companionship denote an existence considerably more profoundly 
at that point love. Cherish dangers worsening into 
fixation, companionship is nothing 
be that as it may, sharing. 
– Elie Wiesel 
Companions ought to be Like great books 
few however hand chose. 
Hi My Best Friend- 
Much obliged to you for remaining by 
my side when times get hard 
much obliged to you for making me 
snicker when I didn’t even 
need to grin. 
A closest companion acknowledge your identity, 
be that as it may, likewise helps you to end up who 
you ought to be 
Liberally GIVEN, 
As We Grow Up, 
We understand 
It gets to be 
Less Important 
To have A ton 
Of companions, and 
More Important 
To have Real Ones 
is conceived right then and there 
when one individual says to another 
“WHAT! You Too? 
I thought I wa_s the just a single” 
A stand_out amongst the most 
Lovely Q_ualities 
Of b_est kinship is 
To U_nderstand and 
To Be U_nderstood. 
B_e ease back to fall into k_inship 
be that as it may, w_hen thou w_orkmanship in, proceed and s_teady 
-( Socrates) 
Harsh Times will dependably Reveal Best Friends 
On the off chance that You have insane Friends You have Everything.. 
Wherever We are 
it is our companions 
that make our reality 
Be to yourself as you would to your closest companion 
You make my reality sparkle 
Your companionship is divine 
You are my heart timetable 
Whether in euphoria or agony 
You generally make me fine 
Try not to keep ur uncommon companions in ur eyes. 
They may fall as tears, 
keep them in ur Heart, 
so that each ‘HEART BEAT’ 
reminds u that there is 
‘Somebody FOR U..’ 
Love resemble “missed call”. 
It stops when U attempt 2 get. 
Be that as it may, Friendship resemble “sms” 
Bcoz it comes and remains inside Ur Inbox 
until U erase it. 
So its upto u 2 keep and esteem a companion! 
Are we companions or 
Is it true that we are most certainly not?.. 
You let me know once, 
be that as it may, i overlooked.. 
so let me know “now” 
what’s more, let me know ‘genuine’.. 
so i can state, 
i am here for you.. 
of the considerable number of companions, 
i have ever met 
“u’ are the one i 
will always remember.. 
what’s more, in the event that i pass on 
before u do.. 
i will go to paradise 
what’s more, sit tight for u. 
6 guidelines to be HAPPY: 
Free your heart from disdain; 
Free your brain from stresses; 
Live basically; 
Expect less; 


Give more and Always have ME as UR FRIEND
Enjoy being friend and adore your company and send them these free friendship sms. check out the website for more content.

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